A Brief Summary in English


Writer, translator.

Author of ‘Le Nid vide’ (Favre publisher) , ‘Genève Emois’ (Edition des Sables publisher), « La marmite gauloise » (due to be published in 2020, by La boîte à Pandore publishers).

Poems, articles, essays and travel writings published in collective works and magazines.

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                                               Trainer and Coach

  It’s a huge honour to have been chosen as a speaker by the  Museum of Communication in Bern, Switzerland.

The Museum made a video of one of my presentations, which is on permanent public display on screens in the main exhibition hall on the ground floor.

 The subject matter is interpersonal communication in multicultural environments.

 In any case, the Museum of Communication is well worth a visit, as it is creative and quite fascinating. https://www.mfk.ch/fr/expositions/nouvelle-exposition-permanente/


Do you wish to develop training courses on conflict prevention and management, improve relations within your company, or help your managers better communicate with their teams ? Don’t hesitate to get in touch : mjastre@gmail.com.

 Twenty years of experience as a coach and trainer in international Organisations, with numerous courses on the ground in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe.

 Independent consultant since January 2019. Present clients include Universities and private companies.

Conflict management Trainer and Career Development Coach.

Coaching for teams and managers.

Intercultural Communication Expert for the Museum of Communication in Berne, Switzerland.

15 years’ experience in the United Nations. Independent Consultant since November 2018.

Detailed profile on https://www.linkedin.com/in/astre-demoulin/


                                               Other activities

-  Member of the International College set up by l’Harmattan publishing house, representing the French-speaking part of  Switzerland and the border region.

- Contributor to peace education projects.

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 Latest news

4. Févr., 2020 / 4 February 2020

Training workshops

I have contracts for several workshops. It’s an exciting challenge giving/setting up training sessions for very different clients. Being a consultant means having to plan my schedule and carrying out administrative tasks myself, but it leads to so many serendipitous discoveries and encounters !

4. Févr., 2020 / 4 February 2020

UN Society of Writers

Beautiful party for the launch of ‘Ex Tempore’ magazine for 2020. Grateful to Alfred de Zayas for inviting UN authors from all over the world. Readings in English, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Vietnamese. Quite magical.

12. Janv., 2020 / 12 January 202

An Invitation to speak on the Radio

Received an  e-mail with exciting news : I’m invited by the Swiss Radio and TV station RTS to take part in their radio programme ‘La ligne de coeur’, live, on February 12th. It’s broadcast in an intimate atmosphere, from 10PM to midnight. An ideal time of night to speak about my love for Geneva !

10. Janv., 2020 /10 January 2020


A great afternoon with the Association Mosaïque. I gave a talk about my books, and then conducted a one-hour writing workshop. Very active participants, lots of questions : huge fun. Many thanks to Estelle Gitta for the invitation.

5. Janv., 2020 /  5 January 2020

A radio programme… filmed !

I’m dismayed to learn, quite by chance, that the radio programme for RFI (Radio France Internationale) I took part in to answer questions on my book ‘Le Nid vide’ was filmed ! My hair looks a mess, and I speak too fast, but I’m surprised by what I said then. I believe I have enough material to write further articles.


19. Déc., 2019 / 19 December 2019

Seen in a (newspaper) kiosk

A big surprise on entering a Geneva bookshop : my book ‘Genève Emois’ is set out alongside works by well-known authors : Jean-Christophe Rufin, Elena Ferrante or Yasmina Khadra ...wow !!! Very impressed.

18. Déc., 2019 / 18 December 2019

An article in UN Special

The UN Special magazine, dated December 2019-January 2020, devotes a double page spread to my book ‘Genève Emois’. Many thanks to Sarah Bencherif for a great article !

15. Déc., 2019 / 15 December 2019

Publication of Ex Tempore

The 2020 edition of the UN Society of Writers review has just been published. I have contributed 3 essays and 3 poems. A great honour, as well as a huge pleasure ! http://www.extempore.ch/